Sunday, 27 May 2012

Those Who Lived Before

Velvet ripples of  land unfold
In shades of green and sometimes gold
What life must  there have been before
Beneath these hills and vales and shores.

Roman ruins at Vindolanda
Monoliths at Stonehenge
Tease the mind and make you wonder
How life was lived by those before

Oh how I love to yomp the land
My mind plays games, I see the life
Of those who lived so long ago
No modern ways just toil and strife

How did they  live and grow and die
What smells were there, what love
Was there , like yours, like mine?
For those who lived so long ago

Imagine how they worked the land
Made tools and clothes, grow food
It must have been an arduous life
what pressures they endured

And those who lived along the shores
Of this beautiful varied land
Who swam and fished and hunted thus
To live and strive for a different life

So when we next roam those hills
And wonder how it must have been 
Spare a thought for how they toiled 
To eat and live and breath                                                                

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