Sunday, 27 May 2012

In my time of need (Graymoor)

I hear the call, I feel the pull of forces I know not
In times past I never heard or felt these things
But now in time of need, they call so loud
That ignore them I cannot

Your welcome words, your smiling face,
The kindest eyes
the warm embrace
In my time of need

I hear the happy singing
Guitars and tambourines
Children clapping, singing, laughing
All it seems at ease  

I enter into your world, 
no shame, no fear just love 
My soul  awash with gratitude
A gift from God above

I could never  know then that in years to come
Those memories would fade
Of This place,that rescued my battered soul
A place I would love so much

For without it I would die inside
And now awakened,  I realise
the Caller was there all along
my faith, my God, my soul

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