Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mummy dear

Oh, Mummy dear, if you were here
I'd hold your hand and then embrace
I'd stroke your hair and touch your face
I'd love you more than ever

If I could have just one more chance
To see the love in your deep blue eyes
Once more to feel your soft warm face
Your sweetest smile your deepest care

Remember  the cosy chats we had?
About your life, your mum and dad
The strife of life a family so large
Nine in total and all survived.

No mean feat in those old days
To feed and clothe so many
Yet gran and grandad nurtured all
Till grandad passed away.

I recall the stories, tales and all
Of memories gone by
Of aunties sewing dreamy dresses
To wear that night at the ball

I learned my sewing skills from you
And your sisters who were many
How do I make this, how do I make that
I enquired  as my dolls  didn't have any!

It doesn't seem so long ago
But 10 years have gone since you left
You departed this world peacefully
And we were left bereft

So when I think of you Mummy dear
I think of all the good things
Your love, your life your softest face
With me and cherished forever                                                             

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