Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Long Goodbye

Lovingly, I come to see you....
Floating in a new dimension
Time is meaningless, endless.
Faces everywhere -
Do I know you? You seem to know me....
I'm just waiting, waiting......

Seems like only yesterday we laughed, my love
We walked and hugged and loved and
Time meant everything then-
Time to live, time to enjoy, time together
Tranquil garden, fields beyond, then came
The endless waiting, waiting.....

Unexpectedly, time cut short
Thrust upon us without choice
Cruelly changing all around us.
Why now, we ask ourselves
Alas, we do not get to choose,
Soon no more waiting, waiting......

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lament of a Newborn

Life bursts forth from primal scream
First gasp of air, first sight is seen
Wriggling, crying, where am I?
From warm and quiet, naked here I lie!

The journey here has taken months

From nothingness to one big bump!
I started off with lots of space
Then struggled as I grew with grace

I hope my bed is ready and warm

I move more freely now transformed
From little spec to full formed baby
Could this one be my room maybe?

I'm hungry now, don't you know?

I have to cry to  make milk flow
And now things aren't so nice and dry
My nappy's wet again, why oh why?

Friday, 18 October 2013

People Watching

Catch a glimpse of warm affection
a hug, kiss, wave or wink
Watch her smile in quick reaction
spontaneous with no time to think.

Walking slow, anticipating

What's in store for us today?
window gazing, drinking tea
What cafe culture life portrays

Ubiquitous for this generation

Smart phones in their frequent use.
Preoccupation not conversation
IPods, music, so diffuse.

All the colours of skin and hair,

Faintest cream to chocolate brown
Freckles, spots, wrinkles, face lifts
paint the picture in this town!

Fairest blondes and raven beauties

Titian in a class its' own
Natural, long, short and curly
Bohemian, tied and styles that groan!

Walking fast or slow and saunter

Wheelchair bound and sticks to hold
Music listening, writing, reading
Drinking coffee strong and bold.

Pavement cafe, what a culture

Fascinating in its' guise
people spotting, all those characters
Rich in style and colour and size!

Anniversary Love

It's fifteen  years since we promised
to love, cherish and care for each other
have we lived up to them? I think not all -
but tried each day lest fear o' tother!

Thankyou dear for all that  you do
a good provider and kind too.
we've learned with humour to assuage our foibles
not easy when we're losing our marbles!

My lovely man, I love you dearly
despite BFC competing for favour
Three of us in this marriage for sure
but I learned fast that affair was pure!

On match days now I  make my plans

I now enjoy YOUR visits to footy....
I lunch with the girls, have a good chat
or Shop at leisure and maybe a butty!

There is no secret to making it work
Its all about compromise, tolerance and love
For our marriage to last and grow
We learn from Life's challenges & blessings above

Happy anniversary Mike  my love

Stress of a Bride to Be

We're to be married soon, you and me,
much to be planned for our big day
Help is on offer from far and wide
Family and friends help and guide

For all to be there, which month is best?
How long for the planning, what kind of dress
September it seems suits most people now
I shall keep calm In spite of the stress!

The cake could be fruit or should it be sponge?
You like chocolate, I like blancmange!
Lets call a truce, chocolate sponge is agreed
I'll have pink icing -but then I concede!

I want to look lovely as every bride does
Lace and satin to make my heart sing
or Silk, long and flowing with glittering beads
As everyone knows Ellie loves her bling!

How many Bridesmaids,  What colour to choose?
Dresses all matching and so are the shoes.
Head dresses sorted and now for the flowers
Roses or freesia sweet smelling for hours.

And then there is Andy, who aims to please
"I don't mind what I wear - a new pair of jeans?!
And so it is said Ellie chose his new suit
You'll look handsome in this Andy and rather cute.

And so it is here, our wedding day
You said I looked lovely as we took our vows
I'm so glad we met then stayed friends for a time

Now our lives are entwined and marriage espoused

Voyage to the Midnight Sun

Atop the ship we sit and paint
Peace and quiet as noon draws near
Early sun has played it's magic
Rays of light, shadows appear

Precious time, sharing moments
A generation lies between
Auntie more like sibling
Young in spirit, mind and love.

Mum's young sister, more like mine
We reminisce and laugh and cry
As we remember life long gone
of those we miss and love then sigh.

Mutual love of artistic output
There since childhood both agree
Sharing ideas from then and now
Creative thoughts that we both see

Later on we watch the sunset
Midnight colour in majesty
Phenomenal appreciation
Of Gods fine work and fantasy.

Music of the Northern Ocean

Warm glow of the evening sunset
Caresses the horizon as a ball of fire,
Engulfs all around then gives way to lunar peace
Bright light in the northern sky.
And the twinkle of the sunrise on the early morning ocean
Rhythmic swell of undulating waters
Gives way to arching waves, 
Stretching to a lofty height until,
Angrily the power unleashed…..
Crashing down with a mighty roar
Into an explosion of white frothy lace, then, 
Dancing in rivulets as it meets the sand
To end it's journey as a trickle o'er pebbles….
Only to retreat and play this tune all over again

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Morning awakening

This morning I took a walk, a quiet early walk
It's one I have strolled  many times before
My soul felt light and thankful
What better way to be at one with my world

The Crow struts hopefully on sunkissed road 
for last night's road kill to feed her young
Forever cheerful blackbird's enchanting song 
can lighten the heaviest of spirits before long

Passing by, a large dewy playground 
rich with laughter and activity at day
So quiet now as little heads lay 
on pillows -too early to go out to play!

Baby rabbit escapes the ever watchful 
Eyes of his mother
Eeek! Nearly caught by the wheels of a car
As it sees no bother

The trees  rich in leaf ; shades of green and red 
not long ago looked forlorn and dead
Now burst forth with energy and life
A haven to keep birds and bugs from strife

I pass the woods rich in sound
cacophony of birdsong, babbling brook
Where dog walkers meet to let their pets play
Such fun in the water, they just want to stay!

Nearly home and here they come 
two kids on bikes & helmets of style
With mums guiding hand they cross the road
"Where are you off to?" I asked with a smile

"We're feeding a cat" they say with glee
Our friends are away so we're taking care
of Biscuit they exclaim and stop to chat
But mums in a hurry -So off they scat.

And so ends todays walk, feeling light, thankful and free
I walk round the bend in the road to see
our home, built with love over many a year
such memories of life, ours - you and me x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Another Day

Deeply, the first conscious breath of awakening
A chance to love the sweetness of a new day.
How can it be that I am free to do whatever my mind allows me to do
Restricted only by my own desires or lack of humility

A chance to smile at someone new?
A chance to indulge in something for me?
A chance to knock on an old person's door or
A chance to simply be…..

A gift, some may say, or taken for granted on another day
Twenty four hours, a time to be thankful, many do not have another day:
Be it illness, catastrophe, bereft mind or sick soul, 
So, I must be the best I can be today!

Sunday, 19 May 2013


And never was nature so beautiful
As the birdsong bursting forth from the silence

Where is he? 

Amongst the trees and hedgerow he moves

Hidden from view, only his mesmerising song 
Intrigues more than the menacing lack of his vision.
There he is, camouflaged by newly unfurled leaves
on the barren branch of the old oak tree
What does he think, if at all? Such energy
Used to sing loudly for all to hear then,
As quickly as he burst into song,
he was gone and the garden fell silent....