Sunday, 27 May 2012

Friends by chance

Friends by chance, We four shared  time
We laughed, we cried, Your home and mine
Yet still quite new, Our friendship grew,
Compared with some, We'd had for years

You'de never know that soon we'd learn 
one of us would share bad news
That life would change forever with
Those words we dread to hear

Of one so dear, not long to live
So sorry, live your life as best you can
For time we cannot give
Harsh words for such a kind good man

Disbelief, anger, sadness, no mans land
We try to talk, to see, to show our love
Alas, to no avail, How sad, that in those final days
 we cannot share that time With one we hold most dear

A friend for only a few years
But one who touched our lives
Will soon depart this life and those bereft
Of one so dear will cry but  yet survive


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