Sunday, 27 May 2012

My love is an ocean

My love like the ocean, ebbs and flows
It dances to the tune of life.
Deep and warm, intense and powerful
Light with laughter, dark with strife

First love excitement begins with thrill
Quivering feeling, breathless voice
Fluttery tummy, wobbly legs
Knees a knocking, was this my choice?

Lasting love and then we marry
He makes you happy, makes you laugh,
Then we talk about a family
Excitement as we learn the news

Motherhood  love, so truly given
Alas, this love is not to own
But there to nurture and protect
And then set free for them to roam

Love goes full circle, fact of life
Our parents age and then they die
We grieve and then we love in memory
A new child born, we love again


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