Sunday, 6 July 2014

Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier

Mystery of a life departed
A quiet soul, memories fond.
A soldier who served his country
For him the battle's never won.

Remembering fallen comrades
Each year he wore his medals
November 11 for him was sacred
Private thoughts, a quiet man...

Like Father and brother, a service life he chose,
With British Legion comrades he organised with pride 
The Veterans tour of Battle fields 
Respecting those who died.

I remember you Martin as a young soldier
Shy, quiet and uniform dutifully clad
We lost touch for so many years
Families busy, little contact, so sad...

By chance, reunited much later in life
I saw you had lived that military verve
Though ill,  you kept alive each chance to 
Stand shoulder to shoulder with all who serve.

In memory of Martin Wilson, my cousin passed away June 19th, 2014 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Nature's Perfume

Through an open window 
Gentle whispers of a morning 
Caress my face with gossamer trails
Punctuated with birdsong

White lilac blooms dance to the tune
Of a tiny seedling once gifted by friends
nurtured and loved to voluptuous form
Now proudly presents her beauty to all.

And so, her gentle perfume
Carried on the breeze, just a hint
To awaken the sense as it passes
Through an  open window.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

What is this love?

A moment of such closeness and deep love
That requires no words or gestures,
just a glance when eyes meet
in that instant of quiet connection.

What beauty there is in a gentle smile 
With open arms yearning
And the heart dances with joy in a flutter of anticipation 
so exciting that you feel it will burst!

What is this love that we feel for  another
and instantly receive that magical response?
Such joy, desirous moment of love,
Yet, tender affection, possesses us totally.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


A celebration of quiet achievement
Moral standards, life ethic combine
To make this man unique to some
To me, he's  just divine.

A life's ambition to be a good doctor
Taken seriously but with a light touch
To work long and tirelessly into the night
To listen to and care for so much.

Thinking, searching for a solution
But sometimes this cannot be found
And when bad news must be shared
By this man, compassion abounds

His hobby and passion is football
With Politics and history he shows flair
A memory to be proud of
so quiz him if you dare!

Gardening doesn't light his fire
Since years ago whilst digging
Much Perspiration on his face
His spectacles went missing!!

Becoming a grandfather mellowed
Those many years of stricter self
Although playing football with grandson
Could be deleterious to his health!

Now as we grow older together,
our love does now impart
The trust, respect and tolerance
which has blossomed in our hearts.