Thursday, 31 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee - Born to Destiny

Born to destiny, born to rule
Serene yet playful, regal, sublime
A monarch in waiting
Quiet beauty and style
Ruled by tradition, so brave to change
She's watched by the world
As she grows from a child
Intelligent, graceful, monarch in time.

The moment, untimely, she hears the news
Her father has passed, no time to mourn
Duty calls, as destiny cast.
Her tour of Africa, a brief sojourn.
Return to Mother, assume this role
Prepared for all of her life
Born to rule, she was taught
First a queen, second a wife

A year and more would pass before
Coronation day arrived.
Such pomp and circumstance unfolds
Gold horse drawn carriages, streets alive.
Ermin  and jewels adorn the crown
As she elegantly walks the aisle
Zadok the Priest by Handel played
She takes the throne, bejewelled in style

Centuries old and sparkling bright
St Edward's crown majestically worn
Rod of mercy, Sceptre and Orb
Royal ring of gems adorned.
"God save the Queen " is chanted aloud
Archbishop  of Canterbury and his throng
Pay homage to  Elizabeth Regina our Queen
Defender of faith, she pledged lifelong.

Commonwealth guests 8000 this day
Attended the Abbey  and privileged  they say.
Music played  as the ceremony closed
God Save the Queen, Stanfords epic score
Rang through the Abbey from ceiling to floor
Vaughan Williams Jubilate Deo rang out
As it met with the throngs so deep
Three million people lined the streets
To honour the young Queen and Philip!

And now fast forward 60 years, the Diamond Jubilee!
Faithful reign, subliminal charm Elizabeth our Queen
Has ruled by tradition, yet when times demand,
Been brave to change and reigned supreme
Annus horribilis springs to mind
A time she would rather forget
A time of adjustment from which she emerged
Graceful, regal, no need for regret

And now the trumpets will sound once more
The music plays on in her reign
only surpassed by Victoria, who
Served 3 yrs more in her name.
Loyalty, honour and elegance supreme
We, as her subjects look back on her reign
And rejoice in her dedication as we
Sing  God Save the Queen  again!

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