Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rocky Mountaineer

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
A warm welcome by the team
Sky’s the limit for this scenic route
Across the great divide, we lean.

White water rapids, an awesome rush
Power of water, enough to crush
Whatever happens in its’ wake
Logs or humans it can take!

Each town and vista greets the train
people waving as we pass
Surprising us and we’re shocked at
An odd young buck showing his ass!!!

Tireless service by the team
Who aim to plead all the while
Just ask if you don’t have what you need
They always go the extra mile.

First day over and we say
“Hats off to this Organisation”
For near perfect timings and luggage drops

On this Canada Day Celebration

Alaskan Wildlife

Wildlife spotting on open water
Birdlife, deer, whales and bear 
Catch a glimpse of movement quickly
Lest your eyes deceive you there

Black bear near the edge of river
Young one hovers bravely near
Awaiting gifts of mothers hunting
Fish a plenty, fallow deer

Flotsam casting hopeful shadows
Make believe a whale you see!
Ever sanguine of the sightings
Revealed this moment watch in glee!

Orcas, Humpbacks feeding frenzy
In fish-rich cold Alaskan sea
Replenish blubber lost when birthing;
Few months before returning there 

Oh the glory of the waters
Vast the ripples of the sea
The wake revealed by sailing vessels
Wonder of nature's family

My soul at home so close to ocean
Drifting thoughts my mind does see
Peaceful, mountains, forests, icecaps
Nature's beauty there for me

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Farewell Dearest Russ

Our friend is in God's garden
Tending to the flowers
Just as he would have done
If life was in his power

His love of all things nature
The birds, the bees and trees
Instilled as much wonderment
As his young children at his knees

Ephemeral is the Queen of the Night
Russ shared his love of plants
We'll treasure forever this gift from him
Each time it's blooms enchant

And now as we arrive back home
To bid our dear friend adieu
"The Queen" is in full bloom again
With hypnotic sweet perfume

We know you will be watching
As we tend to the garden drill
We'll feed the birds, hear them sing
And feel your presence still.