Sunday, 6 July 2014

Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier

Mystery of a life departed
A quiet soul, memories fond.
A soldier who served his country
For him the battle's never won.

Remembering fallen comrades
Each year he wore his medals
November 11 for him was sacred
Private thoughts, a quiet man...

Like Father and brother, a service life he chose,
With British Legion comrades he organised with pride 
The Veterans tour of Battle fields 
Respecting those who died.

I remember you Martin as a young soldier
Shy, quiet and uniform dutifully clad
We lost touch for so many years
Families busy, little contact, so sad...

By chance, reunited much later in life
I saw you had lived that military verve
Though ill,  you kept alive each chance to 
Stand shoulder to shoulder with all who serve.

In memory of Martin Wilson, my cousin passed away June 19th, 2014