Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ode to Al

When all around have gone to sleep
And we are so alone
We walk the lonely darkened path
Where we can be with you.
Our thoughts are deep and filled with pain
Yet sweet and light with joy
We think of times gone by when you
Would laugh and cry and sing
Your cheeky smile, those dimples deep
Your shining big brown eyes
We miss you so and cry each day
Our hearts break with our loss.
Dear lovely boy we never knew
Just how many loved you so
Your love of life and those 
With whom you shared
Your joy in land so far away.
Your friends are lost,now you are gone 
And cry with us in pain, 
But relieved  you're now at peace.
What legacy bestowed on all
Whose lives you touched dear love;
Your music left for all to hear now 
Forever in our minds. Your intellect
And research affected patients, 
colleagues and more, 
Yet searching for your own relief
Escaped you our dear boy.
You chose your exit from this life
And left us all bereft

Now we must go home

To live our lives, as you would want 
But we're lost, can't find our path
So let others guide our way.
Goodnight dear son, sleep in peace 
We love you forevermore.

Happy Birthday Jackie

Amazing, how the time flies by
And friends we once saw daily
Are just as familiar today
Although our hair's a bit more greyly!

Jackie, you were always there with a smile
With warmth and love and laughter
When life threw up some difficult times
I knew you were the one to run after.

Our children grew, we drifted apart
Our lives were different and yet the same.
And when I returned up't'north again
I sought you out, when I changed my name!

You were busy tapping I think
I was busy learning the lines-
I do, I will and forever more
And thus it has been this time.

Twenty plus years we've known each other
Kids grown up and bus pass in hand
On principle I have not used it
I don't feel qualified , they should be banned!

So Jackie, I wish you a happy day
On this celebration of your birth
I'm sure your family will toast your health

And revel in your amazing worth. Xxxx

God's Garden

Our friend is in God's garden
Tending to the flowers
Just as he would have done
If life was in his power

His love of all things nature
The birds, the bees and trees
Instilled as much wonderment
As his young children at his knees

Ephemeral is the Queen of the Night
Russ shared his love of plants
We'll treasure forever this gift from him
Each time it's blooms enchant

And now as we arrive back home
To bid our dear friend adieu
The Queen is in full bloom again
With hypnotic sweet perfume

We know you will be watching
As we tend the garden drill
We'll feed the birds, hear them sing
And feel your presence still.


And there is no room to breath
Suffocating pain clings to me
Like a python squeezing my life
Into a tiny space
Where once there was light and joy
I now feel dark corners where I hide - 
Anywhere - 
away from those who seek 
to understand my silence
I crawl within my soul
to find refuge from my pain but
There is no peace here, there or anywhere.