Saturday, 24 June 2017

Veil of Acceptance

My time has come to escape that heavy cloud
which hung around me, suffocating life.
How, I ask, can this be?
Months of cruel pain and tears to fill an ocean
suddenly ease, giving way to calm and light.
My love even deeper for our departed soul
and, as smiles replace the tears
sweet memories fill my aching, empty  heart,
I give thanks for this gift of life
under the veil of acceptance.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

To Live Again

How can we know how much we love,
When all around are living?
How deep the loss, when life is gone
And all around are living….
When, to live is to love
And those we hold dear
Are part of that everyday life;
With no thought of passing
Then, to lose and to break
And never imagine relief
From that everyday strife
That we may once again feel whole

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ode to Al

When all around have gone to sleep
And we are so alone
We walk the lonely darkened path
Where we can be with you.
Our thoughts are deep and filled with pain
Yet sweet and light with joy
We think of times gone by when you
Would laugh and cry and sing
Your cheeky smile, those dimples deep
Your shining big brown eyes
We miss you so and cry each day
Our hearts break with our loss.
Dear lovely boy we never knew
Just how many loved you so
Your love of life and those 
With whom you shared
Your joy in land so far away.
Your friends are lost,now you are gone 
And cry with us in pain, 
But relieved  you're now at peace.
What legacy bestowed on all
Whose lives you touched dear love;
Your music left for all to hear now 
Forever in our minds. Your intellect
And research affected patients, 
colleagues and more, 
Yet searching for your own relief
Escaped you our dear boy.
You chose your exit from this life
And left us all bereft

Now we must go home

To live our lives, as you would want 
But we're lost, can't find our path
So let others guide our way.
Goodnight dear son, sleep in peace 
We love you forevermore.

Happy Birthday Jackie

Amazing, how the time flies by
And friends we once saw daily
Are just as familiar today
Although our hair's a bit more greyly!

Jackie, you were always there with a smile
With warmth and love and laughter
When life threw up some difficult times
I knew you were the one to run after.

Our children grew, we drifted apart
Our lives were different and yet the same.
And when I returned up't'north again
I sought you out, when I changed my name!

You were busy tapping I think
I was busy learning the lines-
I do, I will and forever more
And thus it has been this time.

Twenty plus years we've known each other
Kids grown up and bus pass in hand
On principle I have not used it
I don't feel qualified , they should be banned!

So Jackie, I wish you a happy day
On this celebration of your birth
I'm sure your family will toast your health

And revel in your amazing worth. Xxxx

God's Garden

Our friend is in God's garden
Tending to the flowers
Just as he would have done
If life was in his power

His love of all things nature
The birds, the bees and trees
Instilled as much wonderment
As his young children at his knees

Ephemeral is the Queen of the Night
Russ shared his love of plants
We'll treasure forever this gift from him
Each time it's blooms enchant

And now as we arrive back home
To bid our dear friend adieu
The Queen is in full bloom again
With hypnotic sweet perfume

We know you will be watching
As we tend the garden drill
We'll feed the birds, hear them sing
And feel your presence still.


And there is no room to breath
Suffocating pain clings to me
Like a python squeezing my life
Into a tiny space
Where once there was light and joy
I now feel dark corners where I hide - 
Anywhere - 
away from those who seek 
to understand my silence
I crawl within my soul
to find refuge from my pain but
There is no peace here, there or anywhere.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Morning Stroll

Sweet bliss, the joy my heart does feel
As I breath the fresh and dewy air
And birdsong dances on my mind
Relieving thoughts along the way....

A carpet of bronze and gold and green

Softened now by season's toll and 
Cushions my path lest I drift
Into quicker pace and spoil the dream

Mother Earth

Velvet hills with babbling streams
Skeletal shapes, barren of leaves.
Tumbling rocks and woolly beasts 
Rugged land welcomes the brave

Winds caress these emerald heights

Climbing high unto the clouds
Tufted bogs and rough terrain
Undulating tapestry

Summit reached, my heart does leap

I turn, my breath snatched by the view
Thrill of reaching celestial heights
Exhilarated am I, at one with earth

A moment in time

I am quiet, I am still.....
Nothing punctures the peace
There's an aura of anticipation,
Yet overwhelming spirit of calm

A light breeze then rustles the leaves

Enchanting birds flutter by
As they seek out food
And rest on that source

Sweet caress of the wind

On my face as I look up
Then warm bliss of the sun
As I gaze the clear blue sky

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How Tender The Day

Dewy is the grass as we feast our sleepy eyes
Awakened by the sweetest song
the blackbird  fills our heart with cheer
Hope beckons as we take our deepest breath
Oh feel the anticipation of a new dawn!

Laughter fills the day
as we live and love our life
Being is a joy itself,
be still and feel the need.
My heart, my soul do overflow.

Tender is the day as it passes into night
Fiery is the sun as it burns from daytime bright
Into the evening glow, it disappears
From view, over the dusky horizon
Quietness prevails, my heart is full.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Lunar Mystique

Mysterious shadows cast on the wall
Speaking her language unique
Is she talking to me?
I feel her energy
Pulling me curiously
To observe her beauty.

Misty skies drape around
Her luminous presence
Gossamer trails in fantasy
Entrance the human mind
Spellbound like a child
My Lunar love

Monday, 23 February 2015

Your kiss on the wind

I held you gently, a beautiful gift
How could I know that you would leave
This world so unexpectedly...
And I, now so bereft

Infectious laugh, entrancing smile,
Enigmatic presence
A breath of fresh air,
My daughter, my friend, my joy

Your season had come to change and
Your heart had cried its tears, alas,
To arrive in  a calm and peaceful place
Allowing life to resume on another plane

My daughter, my friend, my joy has gone
Making sense of loss is futile when
Each day is a memory of times past
Your laughter and joyous presence
Now just a thought away, oh please let it last.

An inspiration, friends remember.
Always helping, loving and present.
How can it be that life so full 
Can lack in some way, 
Forcing that dark departure.

Now you rest in His Devine embrace
No more pain felt in vain for you my love
Our darling daughter, sister, aunt and friend
Is now peaceful, calm and free......

My heart aches from such a heavy loss
I see you everywhere and hear your voice
And turn, you are not there, yet I feel you are.
I walk the hills and feel you close 
As the wind caresses my face 
And you kiss me once again.