Monday, 28 May 2012

Its not my dance!

A new day dawns, birdsong greets us,
Through open window, such lightness of voice
Sounds unique to each of His species
To hear such joy from one so poised

Sitting atop the  wandering branches
Moving in flow with the breeze around
Precariously balanced to sing so freely
caressing our ears with each trill and sound

The blackbird unmistakenly cheeky
In song so happy and carefree, yet
loud chatter of magpies breaks serenity,
all Gods handy work , lest we forget!

Robin mischievously vies for attention
Appearing from nowhere to say hello.
Hopping and flirting as we work round the garden
"Any treats for me as you dig that hole?"

Long tailed tits grace us with presence
Not staying long for us to see
They stay in numbers as if for safety
So delicate, beautiful and graceful they feed

Neighbourhood cat enters the foray
Laying in wait for a chance to pounce
Oh how I anger at such impertinence
Then I remember it's not my dance...

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