Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pride of the Tyne is all Mine!!

Medical reunion on the Tyne
Memories of friends here and past
Anticipation for a while
Nostalgia, weight gain, wrinkles cast.
Forty five years since graduation
Class of 67,  a motley crew *
When looking back, as we stepped out
To hone our skills in life anew

Our lives, careers and destiny set
Would we have chosen this to tell
What lay ahead in the NHS
Muttering  Meldrew’s "what the hell!"
Thank you Moira, Dave and Pat
Your organisational skills are canny
When thinking of our fun and needs
When planning reunions for the many

We all enjoy results of your “toil”
Ageing peers our smiles to win
All over in a matter of hugs and  laughs
Until we meet in 5 years agin 
So whilst we have our life and health
As opportunities we embrace
We'll live each day, as if our last
Our dignity -  still in place!

*Motley Crew  etymology 13th century Middle English– composed of elements of varied and diverse character!! 

Leap of Faith

Anticipation - curious thoughts-
What is this place I wonder
A place of worship - can it be?
Rock music loud as thunder!

Music playing , children laughing
Coffee,  tea, crisps and pop,
Families chatting, interacting
Doors wide open, in they flock.

I take a seat and watch in wonder
Youngsters, old folk,  black, brown, white
Everyone talking hugging laughing
All Gods children, a wonderful sight!

In all my life I never imagined
God’s playground to be like this
I like what I see and hear and feel
At home in peace, not to be missed!

The group sing loudly love of Him
For all who want to join them
Show your love in baptism
Commitment, joy, surrender

Saturday, 16 June 2012

What is a Father?

He is one who was there at your very beginning
Who patiently waited your arrival
He felt awkward holding you as a newborn,
So fragile, so small, so new,

He watched you grow and develop your own personality
Your needs and wants met by mother and he
So that your whole life was organised for you
Until which time you could show your own capability

He helped you to ride your first bike,
Kick a football, swim and was there
To support you at school sports days
He was there to hold your hand when you were sad or ill.

He experienced his tender side when dealing with
His small daughter, so pretty, so cute not a boy!
He learned to shop like your Mum till you drop
Yet preferred football and cricket for his joy…

When  you were a teenager, authority was challenged!
The length of rope metaphorically stretched!
You learned your independent skills at Scouts and Guides
Sold plants, helped elderly, went camping and survived!

Girlfriends, boyfriends approved and not so much -
Came and went and then you settled.
You married and then the cycle began again
Your father there all along and now your best friend.

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers, Stepfathers and Guardians

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Restless Soul of Childhood

Oh restless soul of childhood
What will I make of life
Is there adventure waiting 
Will I find myself in time?

My mind is busy wandering
If what I think is right
Are others so disquieted
Or are they calm at night?

If wanting more is greedy
For seeking out the truth
Then I indeed should carry on
This journey from my birth

I never felt I fit in much
Compared to peer group norm
My thoughts were complex
And bizarre for one shy and forlorn

As I look back upon my time
I now know I had to "live" those years
To realise the thoughts and dreams
Were normal childhood fears.

York Minster

Twas to be a special visit to York Minster
National treasure - of history, beauty & awe
that should illicit so humble a pleasure, 
of those who have gone before.

I felt somewhat honoured to be there
Archbishop Desmond Tutu was to be venerable guest.
Then it was said he had cancelled
And Archbishop Sentamu would do his best

Disappointment was felt in this wonderful place
Then Archbishop duly explained
That Desmond Tutu was  ill and regretfully,
Couldn't make the journey in pain.

Compassion was shown and prayers were said
To wish him a speedy recovery
I had longed to see this iconic man
But strangely felt his presence through others... 

Communion was said and many queued
To be part of this spiritual occasion.
I was overcome as I  returned to my seat, 
And my tears of love fell with emotion.

So powerful, so telling, so revealing
The spiritual experience I felt
Tears turned to sobs I couldn't control
sheer emotion so strong that I knealt.

I cannot explain, what happened that day
In York Minster a place I revere 
 Except to say I know, in my way,
God was with me, revealed through tears.