Thursday, 31 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee - Born to Destiny

Born to destiny, born to rule
Serene yet playful, regal, sublime
A monarch in waiting
Quiet beauty and style
Ruled by tradition, so brave to change
She's watched by the world
As she grows from a child
Intelligent, graceful, monarch in time.

The moment, untimely, she hears the news
Her father has passed, no time to mourn
Duty calls, as destiny cast.
Her tour of Africa, a brief sojourn.
Return to Mother, assume this role
Prepared for all of her life
Born to rule, she was taught
First a queen, second a wife

A year and more would pass before
Coronation day arrived.
Such pomp and circumstance unfolds
Gold horse drawn carriages, streets alive.
Ermin  and jewels adorn the crown
As she elegantly walks the aisle
Zadok the Priest by Handel played
She takes the throne, bejewelled in style

Centuries old and sparkling bright
St Edward's crown majestically worn
Rod of mercy, Sceptre and Orb
Royal ring of gems adorned.
"God save the Queen " is chanted aloud
Archbishop  of Canterbury and his throng
Pay homage to  Elizabeth Regina our Queen
Defender of faith, she pledged lifelong.

Commonwealth guests 8000 this day
Attended the Abbey  and privileged  they say.
Music played  as the ceremony closed
God Save the Queen, Stanfords epic score
Rang through the Abbey from ceiling to floor
Vaughan Williams Jubilate Deo rang out
As it met with the throngs so deep
Three million people lined the streets
To honour the young Queen and Philip!

And now fast forward 60 years, the Diamond Jubilee!
Faithful reign, subliminal charm Elizabeth our Queen
Has ruled by tradition, yet when times demand,
Been brave to change and reigned supreme
Annus horribilis springs to mind
A time she would rather forget
A time of adjustment from which she emerged
Graceful, regal, no need for regret

And now the trumpets will sound once more
The music plays on in her reign
only surpassed by Victoria, who
Served 3 yrs more in her name.
Loyalty, honour and elegance supreme
We, as her subjects look back on her reign
And rejoice in her dedication as we
Sing  God Save the Queen  again!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Its not my dance!

A new day dawns, birdsong greets us,
Through open window, such lightness of voice
Sounds unique to each of His species
To hear such joy from one so poised

Sitting atop the  wandering branches
Moving in flow with the breeze around
Precariously balanced to sing so freely
caressing our ears with each trill and sound

The blackbird unmistakenly cheeky
In song so happy and carefree, yet
loud chatter of magpies breaks serenity,
all Gods handy work , lest we forget!

Robin mischievously vies for attention
Appearing from nowhere to say hello.
Hopping and flirting as we work round the garden
"Any treats for me as you dig that hole?"

Long tailed tits grace us with presence
Not staying long for us to see
They stay in numbers as if for safety
So delicate, beautiful and graceful they feed

Neighbourhood cat enters the foray
Laying in wait for a chance to pounce
Oh how I anger at such impertinence
Then I remember it's not my dance...

Celestial Surge

The sun the moon and the earth combine
To create a unique phenomenon
The Severn river tidal surge bore
Surfers trying in marathon

Watch the swells, feel the wave
As it tempts the surfers to try  it
Thrilling experience, fun to do
Hundreds rushing to ride  it

Who would think that celestial bodies
Align to create this reaction.
Spring  tide  is the only time
You will capture the bore benefaction

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Friends by chance

Friends by chance, We four shared  time
We laughed, we cried, Your home and mine
Yet still quite new, Our friendship grew,
Compared with some, We'd had for years

You'de never know that soon we'd learn 
one of us would share bad news
That life would change forever with
Those words we dread to hear

Of one so dear, not long to live
So sorry, live your life as best you can
For time we cannot give
Harsh words for such a kind good man

Disbelief, anger, sadness, no mans land
We try to talk, to see, to show our love
Alas, to no avail, How sad, that in those final days
 we cannot share that time With one we hold most dear

A friend for only a few years
But one who touched our lives
Will soon depart this life and those bereft
Of one so dear will cry but  yet survive


Power of the Sea

Rolling, thunderous, crashing waves
Break along the glistening  sand
Foaming, rippling trails of water
Pushing, pulling the earth beneath

Watch the power of the swelling tide
As it gathers force and builds in height
Then arches high and tall before it breaks
The power of nature is a wondrous sight

I stand in awe entranced in awe
How do they know when to rise and fall?
Power of the land, power of the sea
Power of the lord, much higher than we


In my time of need (Graymoor)

I hear the call, I feel the pull of forces I know not
In times past I never heard or felt these things
But now in time of need, they call so loud
That ignore them I cannot

Your welcome words, your smiling face,
The kindest eyes
the warm embrace
In my time of need

I hear the happy singing
Guitars and tambourines
Children clapping, singing, laughing
All it seems at ease  

I enter into your world, 
no shame, no fear just love 
My soul  awash with gratitude
A gift from God above

I could never  know then that in years to come
Those memories would fade
Of This place,that rescued my battered soul
A place I would love so much

For without it I would die inside
And now awakened,  I realise
the Caller was there all along
my faith, my God, my soul

Letting Go

Letting go became my plan
a phrase learned from a gracious man                                                     
To ease the pain of one I love
Who could not see the light above

A lesson learned through time
I asked, “oh how Do I let go of one I love?”
To stand by and watch the self destruct
Is pain indeed

Years passed and light began to dawn
Upon my love, where will this lead
Time will tell, but I must let go
Allow the seeds of hope to grow

The dawn has now become the day
And progress has been soundly made
One so broken, one so raw
One so beautiful, grows in awe

I try to practice letting go
So hard to do for a while
Needs must, on we Step
Each day she blossoms, each day I smile.                      

Woodland Walk

A walk through the forest, those tall dark trees
Stretching up to heaven it seams
A clearing winds its way through  trunks
Where will it lead us, the excitement grows

Wait, don’t rush, there is much to be seen
It may be dark, but there’s life in the midst
Tarry, smell around you, look and feel
Fallen leaves move, a rustle, a sound

A squirrel, a mouse, a bird or some creature
Is intrigued by the arrival of  humans
Invading his space and making a fuss
Be quiet this is our home and we like it thus!


Those Who Lived Before

Velvet ripples of  land unfold
In shades of green and sometimes gold
What life must  there have been before
Beneath these hills and vales and shores.

Roman ruins at Vindolanda
Monoliths at Stonehenge
Tease the mind and make you wonder
How life was lived by those before

Oh how I love to yomp the land
My mind plays games, I see the life
Of those who lived so long ago
No modern ways just toil and strife

How did they  live and grow and die
What smells were there, what love
Was there , like yours, like mine?
For those who lived so long ago

Imagine how they worked the land
Made tools and clothes, grow food
It must have been an arduous life
what pressures they endured

And those who lived along the shores
Of this beautiful varied land
Who swam and fished and hunted thus
To live and strive for a different life

So when we next roam those hills
And wonder how it must have been 
Spare a thought for how they toiled 
To eat and live and breath                                                                

Summer walk

Teasels dancing in the breeze
Swaying with their lofty height
Hawthorne perfume fills the air
Caressing  windy sunlight

Along the lane  perfume flowed
Haunting, teasing, potent
Spot the many kinds of flowers
Mummy asked us in that moment

As we wound our way along
the country lane we heard,
Mr Horsie in the field, he must
Have known we were there.

You see, we'd walked along this
Winding lane, so many times before
Sheep, cows, insects, flowers
Gods treasure trove explored



Mummy dear

Oh, Mummy dear, if you were here
I'd hold your hand and then embrace
I'd stroke your hair and touch your face
I'd love you more than ever

If I could have just one more chance
To see the love in your deep blue eyes
Once more to feel your soft warm face
Your sweetest smile your deepest care

Remember  the cosy chats we had?
About your life, your mum and dad
The strife of life a family so large
Nine in total and all survived.

No mean feat in those old days
To feed and clothe so many
Yet gran and grandad nurtured all
Till grandad passed away.

I recall the stories, tales and all
Of memories gone by
Of aunties sewing dreamy dresses
To wear that night at the ball

I learned my sewing skills from you
And your sisters who were many
How do I make this, how do I make that
I enquired  as my dolls  didn't have any!

It doesn't seem so long ago
But 10 years have gone since you left
You departed this world peacefully
And we were left bereft

So when I think of you Mummy dear
I think of all the good things
Your love, your life your softest face
With me and cherished forever                                                             

Equatorial sunset

Awesome , surreal  equatorial sunset
Rippling waters double the impact above
Warmth of the glowing ethereal sky
Pacific ocean teaming with life thereof
Unseen until the arrival of sea birds
Hoping for plentiful food by chance
Punctuated by pelicans diving for food
Such accuracy given their clumsy stance

Scooping with that voluminous beak.
They get lucky and come back for more.
Cumbersome birds look too heavy to fly
Take a breather, feed young by the shore

As sunset gives way to cooler skies
Burnished colours now out of sight
Birdlife now quiet and time to rest
Night falls, skies dance with moonlight


Secret Thoughts

Vulnerable as a  babe in arms
Those wistful, watery eyes
A hundred secret thoughts we hear
But you will never know

Blue, so blue,  those eager eyes
What do they say? I cannot hear
Fragile as a newborn child
They stare into the abyss

Thoughts and feelings whirring round
Is there a reason, can it be found
Mystery, intrigue emanates
Do share your thoughts, my darling child

Bluebell Wood

Tread softly the woodland bluebell carpet
Audacious and proud they cover the ground 
As if longing to meet your hand's caress
Perfume so potent it follows you around 

Squirrels dance like fairies amongst them
Seemingly conscious of their delicate stance
Nuts secreted under and round them
There to be foraged at the first chance.

Blackbirds singing, chorus enchanting
Echoing loud from canopy to ground
Hopping through bluebells, seeing the squirrels
They quickly fly off where they can't be found

I love to walk the woodland seasons
Bluebells, wildlife, leaves and trees
Snowdrops, daffodils, bracken, birdsong 
Thrilling the senses an ethereal tease

Loving legacy

I can't believe that one so wise
Who helped so many 
Through his demise
A gentleman in every way

Has left this life and left so many 
Richer, for his words and love 
To wander freely without pain
And be with his maker, God above

He touched my life with one small phrase
"Let go my dear" 
And you will see the pain you feel
Will  disappear

He meant of course to learn the art,
To deny the torment,  to live in your heart
For one you love, but cannot help
"Let go with  love but dont take part"

I had the chance to say goodbye
Not long before your sudden depart
For that I'm grateful, for you have been
A leading light that lives on in my heart

Farewell my friend, I hope that we
Will meet again some day -
In a place where we all can 
Let go and let God, for that we pray

My love is an ocean

My love like the ocean, ebbs and flows
It dances to the tune of life.
Deep and warm, intense and powerful
Light with laughter, dark with strife

First love excitement begins with thrill
Quivering feeling, breathless voice
Fluttery tummy, wobbly legs
Knees a knocking, was this my choice?

Lasting love and then we marry
He makes you happy, makes you laugh,
Then we talk about a family
Excitement as we learn the news

Motherhood  love, so truly given
Alas, this love is not to own
But there to nurture and protect
And then set free for them to roam

Love goes full circle, fact of life
Our parents age and then they die
We grieve and then we love in memory
A new child born, we love again