Thursday, 27 June 2013

Another Day

Deeply, the first conscious breath of awakening
A chance to love the sweetness of a new day.
How can it be that I am free to do whatever my mind allows me to do
Restricted only by my own desires or lack of humility

A chance to smile at someone new?
A chance to indulge in something for me?
A chance to knock on an old person's door or
A chance to simply be…..

A gift, some may say, or taken for granted on another day
Twenty four hours, a time to be thankful, many do not have another day:
Be it illness, catastrophe, bereft mind or sick soul, 
So, I must be the best I can be today!


  1. Thanks Eileen that's beautiful xxc

  2. You're very kind Colin. I get huge release from writing poetry but it only comes to me as a spiritual experience - 45 times so far! If you click on the arrows and dates to the right of the Blog you can read all the others...Happy reading xxx