Friday, 18 October 2013

People Watching

Catch a glimpse of warm affection
a hug, kiss, wave or wink
Watch her smile in quick reaction
spontaneous with no time to think.

Walking slow, anticipating

What's in store for us today?
window gazing, drinking tea
What cafe culture life portrays

Ubiquitous for this generation

Smart phones in their frequent use.
Preoccupation not conversation
IPods, music, so diffuse.

All the colours of skin and hair,

Faintest cream to chocolate brown
Freckles, spots, wrinkles, face lifts
paint the picture in this town!

Fairest blondes and raven beauties

Titian in a class its' own
Natural, long, short and curly
Bohemian, tied and styles that groan!

Walking fast or slow and saunter

Wheelchair bound and sticks to hold
Music listening, writing, reading
Drinking coffee strong and bold.

Pavement cafe, what a culture

Fascinating in its' guise
people spotting, all those characters
Rich in style and colour and size!

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