Friday, 18 October 2013

Anniversary Love

It's fifteen  years since we promised
to love, cherish and care for each other
have we lived up to them? I think not all -
but tried each day lest fear o' tother!

Thankyou dear for all that  you do
a good provider and kind too.
we've learned with humour to assuage our foibles
not easy when we're losing our marbles!

My lovely man, I love you dearly
despite BFC competing for favour
Three of us in this marriage for sure
but I learned fast that affair was pure!

On match days now I  make my plans

I now enjoy YOUR visits to footy....
I lunch with the girls, have a good chat
or Shop at leisure and maybe a butty!

There is no secret to making it work
Its all about compromise, tolerance and love
For our marriage to last and grow
We learn from Life's challenges & blessings above

Happy anniversary Mike  my love

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