Thursday, 11 July 2013

Morning awakening

This morning I took a walk, a quiet early walk
It's one I have strolled  many times before
My soul felt light and thankful
What better way to be at one with my world

The Crow struts hopefully on sunkissed road 
for last night's road kill to feed her young
Forever cheerful blackbird's enchanting song 
can lighten the heaviest of spirits before long

Passing by, a large dewy playground 
rich with laughter and activity at day
So quiet now as little heads lay 
on pillows -too early to go out to play!

Baby rabbit escapes the ever watchful 
Eyes of his mother
Eeek! Nearly caught by the wheels of a car
As it sees no bother

The trees  rich in leaf ; shades of green and red 
not long ago looked forlorn and dead
Now burst forth with energy and life
A haven to keep birds and bugs from strife

I pass the woods rich in sound
cacophony of birdsong, babbling brook
Where dog walkers meet to let their pets play
Such fun in the water, they just want to stay!

Nearly home and here they come 
two kids on bikes & helmets of style
With mums guiding hand they cross the road
"Where are you off to?" I asked with a smile

"We're feeding a cat" they say with glee
Our friends are away so we're taking care
of Biscuit they exclaim and stop to chat
But mums in a hurry -So off they scat.

And so ends todays walk, feeling light, thankful and free
I walk round the bend in the road to see
our home, built with love over many a year
such memories of life, ours - you and me x

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