Friday, 18 October 2013

Stress of a Bride to Be

We're to be married soon, you and me,
much to be planned for our big day
Help is on offer from far and wide
Family and friends help and guide

For all to be there, which month is best?
How long for the planning, what kind of dress
September it seems suits most people now
I shall keep calm In spite of the stress!

The cake could be fruit or should it be sponge?
You like chocolate, I like blancmange!
Lets call a truce, chocolate sponge is agreed
I'll have pink icing -but then I concede!

I want to look lovely as every bride does
Lace and satin to make my heart sing
or Silk, long and flowing with glittering beads
As everyone knows Ellie loves her bling!

How many Bridesmaids,  What colour to choose?
Dresses all matching and so are the shoes.
Head dresses sorted and now for the flowers
Roses or freesia sweet smelling for hours.

And then there is Andy, who aims to please
"I don't mind what I wear - a new pair of jeans?!
And so it is said Ellie chose his new suit
You'll look handsome in this Andy and rather cute.

And so it is here, our wedding day
You said I looked lovely as we took our vows
I'm so glad we met then stayed friends for a time

Now our lives are entwined and marriage espoused

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