Wednesday, 6 June 2012

York Minster

Twas to be a special visit to York Minster
National treasure - of history, beauty & awe
that should illicit so humble a pleasure, 
of those who have gone before.

I felt somewhat honoured to be there
Archbishop Desmond Tutu was to be venerable guest.
Then it was said he had cancelled
And Archbishop Sentamu would do his best

Disappointment was felt in this wonderful place
Then Archbishop duly explained
That Desmond Tutu was  ill and regretfully,
Couldn't make the journey in pain.

Compassion was shown and prayers were said
To wish him a speedy recovery
I had longed to see this iconic man
But strangely felt his presence through others... 

Communion was said and many queued
To be part of this spiritual occasion.
I was overcome as I  returned to my seat, 
And my tears of love fell with emotion.

So powerful, so telling, so revealing
The spiritual experience I felt
Tears turned to sobs I couldn't control
sheer emotion so strong that I knealt.

I cannot explain, what happened that day
In York Minster a place I revere 
 Except to say I know, in my way,
God was with me, revealed through tears.   

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