Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Camera!

A glimpse of beauty, a time to remember
Birth of a newborn, a marriage, a sunset
Time of the moment, written in history
Uniqueness of life, never repeated

Now we can do this, a simple App
Is all we need to record forever
Memories of moments 
In time we'll treasure 

Years past we needed  equipment
The camera, a bag a tripod and film
Lenses for this lenses for that
No spontaneous moments in nature!

Further back there were various forms
Of  camera and ways to capture
Those treasured times we chose
To remember for those caught in rapture

History books and tomes  of text
punctuated with drawings
To illustrate the point for those
Who prefer it much less boring!

And so we've learned new ways
To preserve that moment in time
We will want to remember those
Images of your joys and mine                                                            

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