Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gift of life

A soul with hope, A soul with love
Should keep me forever free, but 
If I should lose this new gift of life
My heart would wither and die.
For there  was a time when I could not feel,
I could not see the good and the kind
Self consumed in ones own needs
That life was just passing me by

I had to feel the pain of life's toils

To experience prophecies, self fulfilled
By always needing perfection
My expectations fell incomplete
When I was open to meet my life
Head-on and examine my past,
Liberation bred from honesty
 In finding the truth at last.

My fears and pain and all the harm

And anger from those years
Would leave me when I faced the wrongs
And asked Him to remove my fears
When at last I saw the way of honesty 
To keep me free from pain
I turned my life over to Him
And I was the one to gain

Restitution, clear the past

And all would be as one
A new start to live my life
Spiritual, thoughtful, loved
I'm thankful for my new found love
My life and all this means
I try to live each day with thought
And share it with those in need.

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