Saturday, 16 June 2012

What is a Father?

He is one who was there at your very beginning
Who patiently waited your arrival
He felt awkward holding you as a newborn,
So fragile, so small, so new,

He watched you grow and develop your own personality
Your needs and wants met by mother and he
So that your whole life was organised for you
Until which time you could show your own capability

He helped you to ride your first bike,
Kick a football, swim and was there
To support you at school sports days
He was there to hold your hand when you were sad or ill.

He experienced his tender side when dealing with
His small daughter, so pretty, so cute not a boy!
He learned to shop like your Mum till you drop
Yet preferred football and cricket for his joy…

When  you were a teenager, authority was challenged!
The length of rope metaphorically stretched!
You learned your independent skills at Scouts and Guides
Sold plants, helped elderly, went camping and survived!

Girlfriends, boyfriends approved and not so much -
Came and went and then you settled.
You married and then the cycle began again
Your father there all along and now your best friend.

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers, Stepfathers and Guardians

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