Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pride of the Tyne is all Mine!!

Medical reunion on the Tyne
Memories of friends here and past
Anticipation for a while
Nostalgia, weight gain, wrinkles cast.
Forty five years since graduation
Class of 67,  a motley crew *
When looking back, as we stepped out
To hone our skills in life anew

Our lives, careers and destiny set
Would we have chosen this to tell
What lay ahead in the NHS
Muttering  Meldrew’s "what the hell!"
Thank you Moira, Dave and Pat
Your organisational skills are canny
When thinking of our fun and needs
When planning reunions for the many

We all enjoy results of your “toil”
Ageing peers our smiles to win
All over in a matter of hugs and  laughs
Until we meet in 5 years agin 
So whilst we have our life and health
As opportunities we embrace
We'll live each day, as if our last
Our dignity -  still in place!

*Motley Crew  etymology 13th century Middle English– composed of elements of varied and diverse character!! 

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