Thursday, 4 May 2017

Happy Birthday Jackie

Amazing, how the time flies by
And friends we once saw daily
Are just as familiar today
Although our hair's a bit more greyly!

Jackie, you were always there with a smile
With warmth and love and laughter
When life threw up some difficult times
I knew you were the one to run after.

Our children grew, we drifted apart
Our lives were different and yet the same.
And when I returned up't'north again
I sought you out, when I changed my name!

You were busy tapping I think
I was busy learning the lines-
I do, I will and forever more
And thus it has been this time.

Twenty plus years we've known each other
Kids grown up and bus pass in hand
On principle I have not used it
I don't feel qualified , they should be banned!

So Jackie, I wish you a happy day
On this celebration of your birth
I'm sure your family will toast your health

And revel in your amazing worth. Xxxx

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