Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alaskan Wildlife

Wildlife spotting on open water
Birdlife, deer, whales and bear 
Catch a glimpse of movement quickly
Lest your eyes deceive you there

Black bear near the edge of river
Young one hovers bravely near
Awaiting gifts of mothers hunting
Fish a plenty, fallow deer

Flotsam casting hopeful shadows
Make believe a whale you see!
Ever sanguine of the sightings
Revealed this moment watch in glee!

Orcas, Humpbacks feeding frenzy
In fish-rich cold Alaskan sea
Replenish blubber lost when birthing;
Few months before returning there 

Oh the glory of the waters
Vast the ripples of the sea
The wake revealed by sailing vessels
Wonder of nature's family

My soul at home so close to ocean
Drifting thoughts my mind does see
Peaceful, mountains, forests, icecaps
Nature's beauty there for me

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